Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Join me every Saturday at 10:30 for UrologyRadio

Starting August 22 at 10:30.  This is urologist Dr Richard Schoor. I'll be discussing the most important topics that concern men and their sexual partners.  Join me.  UrologyRadio on 103.9.  

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Stop complaining to me about your copays and deductibles!

 Patient: "Are they [the radiologist] going to charge me for the x-ray?"

Me: "Probably.  Why would they not?"

Patient: "It is ridiculous.  I pay thousands of dollars a year in premiums and I get sick once and I'm going bankrupt.  It is bullshit."

Me: "I agree.  These high deductible plans are terrible."

Patient:  "It is because we are paying for all these smokers and sick people."

Me: "No, it is because we are paying for the high level executives to fly personal jet between their mansions and yachts."

"Patient: "Huh?"

Me: "Don't worry about it.  You can take comfort in the fact that your hard earned dollar, when spent on your health care, is funding an executives super-high end lifestyle.  You should feel good about that."  [sarcasm seething from my lips]

No folks, the doctors are not the problem.  Nor are the immigrants.  Nor are the sick people.  Nor are the poor people.  The problem is that we all pay, via super high premiums, for a very few, well connected people, to live unbelievable lifestyles and to make so much money that they can, in turn, purchase are politicians.

Answer: Medicare for all.  Demand it.  Now. From your government.  And stop complaining to me.

Join the movement:  PNHP

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A Simple Question, A Complex Answer

A colleague of mine contacted me with the following question:

 "Can you tell me real quick how to do a semen analysis?"

OK.  Where do I even start?

Semen analysis is a complex diagnostic lab test.  As such, it is a highly regulated endeavor.  To do even a basic semen analysis requires a license from both federal and state agencies.  Your lab must submit to both routine inspections and random inspections and must comply with regulations regarding quality testing, quality control (QC), and quality assurance (QA).  Accuracy testing must also be performed a constant basis. The results of all QC and QA must be maintained for 7-10 years. The lab must have detailed operating  and policy and procedure manuals.  These are very complex items to develop.  The lab must have safety manuals that meet OSHA standards.  Other regulations include data security and backup, disaster planning, staff training and CME.

Oh yeah, and then there is how do the test itself, the semen analysis.  But that description is for a different blog.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sustainable Advantage

Every business wants a sustainable competitive advantage; something they have that customers want that another firm cannot easily produce and sell.  Most firms play the leap frog game.   Firm A makes a great smartphone and firm B makes a better one.   Sushi restaurant A makes Crazy Roll and sushi restaurant B makes a Really Crazy Roll.  In health care, this happens as well.
One doc does anti-aging and then gets copied.   A plastic surgeon does a breast augment and another one does them for less.  So what is the way out?
You must acquire a sustainable advantage: something so hard to do, so expensive or something that requires so much expertise or better yet a really hard to get license, that very few doctors can ever do it.  
Think about what that can be for you. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

What's Been Happening

I have not posted for also a year.  Why?  Busy.  Nothing to say.  I don't know.  So what has been up?

I've done 19 vas reversals in the office under local anesthetic with excellent results.  

Long Island Vasectomy Centers is the gift that keeps on giving with over 500 vasectomy leads delivered.  

I have attained a tissue banking license from NY State DOH and plan to start tissue banking in the next few weeks.  

I see over 1000 new patients per year.  

I am on the BOD of the Nassau Suffolk IPA.   

I developed the LIVC. into a separate LLC and am exploring offering memberships to eligible vasectomists.   

I developed a prostate fusion biopsy program in Suffolk county in association with ZP RAD.  

Kids are good

Wife is good

I am playing tennis well

Miss my dad who died exactly 2 years ago. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in review for the IU

It was a great year professionally.  My practice grew substantially. 

I added over 1000 new patients.  
I did almost 300 vasectomies. 
I upgraded my office procedure room substantially. 
I invested in a high quality, high optics OR microscope.  
I started a microsurgical training lab. 
I did 10 vasectomy reversal surgeries in the office.  
I was elevated to the board of directors of my IPA
I upgraded my andrology lab.   
I enhanced my offices electronic infrastructure. 
I streamlined check in, check out, and billing processes.  
I successfully enhanced my office to be compliant under Omnibus HIPAA. 

And more.  All in all a good year.  Personally I mourned the loss of my father but thanks to my family and friends, I got though it.  
Here's to 2014. 
The IU