Saturday, October 08, 2011

Count your jewels

A jeweler, on the way home from a business trip runs into a merchant friend of his. The merchant has some diamonds he needs to sell to the jeweler. The jeweler, having just made a purchase, does not have much money remaining. But the merchant is really offering a good deal. So the jeweler looks through his wallet and decides that he can make the purchase, but he'll have to travel home coach, when he is accustomed to first class, luxurious travel.
On the way home, the jeweler sees another friend. The friend asks the jeweler why he is in coach and not first class. Has the jeweler fallen on hard times?
The jeweler responds that when he feels cramped and uncomfortable, and when his back and legs hurt, and when he is hungry, he gets his bag of jewels and counts them, and he feels better.
When is the last time you counted yours?

Richard A Schoor MD FACS

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Make a business plan

Even if your practice is up and running it is probably worth while to look at your business plan. If you are just now planning to start a new practice, having a business plan is essential.
A formal business plan contains many parts. You can get a template free from the US Governments Small Business website. It is a great and free resource. The business plan is your chance to plan for as much contingencies as possible before you spend the money. Brainstorm all the what if's. List them all. Then add up how much money worst case will cost.
Then compute the upside--the most you can make with the business.
Is your business still worth the risk?

Monday, October 03, 2011


If you work in the same community I'm which you live, you better behave. You never know that the person you are mouthing off to may have been a future client or patient or customer.
These things happen.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Who is your best worker?

Miguel was beloved. He was an icon. Over his tenure, he became an institution at my temple.
But Miguel was really a slacker. Raul, his underling. was the gem. When Miguel left. Raul rose to the occasion and has out shined his former boss in all respects.
Are you honoring your true gem?

Richard A Schoor MD FACS

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Semen analysis: what is normal?

The WHO recently re-analyzed "normal" values for semen analysis. Without boring you with statistics, I think that the results can be summarized as follows:

More is better.

Let me elaborate.
10 million sperm is better than 5 million sperm and 20 million is better than 10 million. To go further, 50 million beats 30 million while 100 million beats 50 million. In other words, the probability that a couple will conceive within a year increases as sperm counts increase. Same with motility and morphology.

Do what is my job? My job as a male infertility specialist is to help you produce more and better quality sperm.