Saturday, October 31, 2015

AT day 2

Awoke at 7:30 am.  Had to take a big dump.  Have never dumped outside before.   Not fun. Not easy.   But I survived. 
Hike stated at 9:30.  Stunning views.  Easy walk for first few hours.  

 Absolutely delightful.   
And then the afternoon hike hit.  1800 foot to 5000 foot climb with 37 lb pack.   Brutal.  If it was beautiful, I never noticed as I was too tired.  Had a nice lunch though at 4200'feet.   
From this point it took me another 3 + hours of challenging hiking to the shelter.  
Now all is good.  Had a nice meal.  Then a good fire.  

Temp tonight will be high 20s.   Hopefully I'll stay warm.   
So far so good.