Sunday, March 29, 2009

When customer service matters

Taking money is easy. Providing good service, well that is more of a challenge.
And critical to the long term success of any business.
As a doctor, this means being available to patients 24 7.
Same for an auto insurance company when you have car trouble.
As a write this I sit on the LIE with a flat tire but help is on the way.
I am thankful for good customer service.
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Good luck

A high end men's shoe and socks shop in a high rent space in the village.
Better sell a lot of shoes.
Good luck.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Paradox of EMR

I love my EMR. . .and I hate it.
With my EMR, my efficiency has improved, yet I have difficulty staying on time.
My biller can easily submit claims, yet I think the system under-codes me.
My notes have amazing detail, yet it is mostly non-pertinent stuff.
I think it facilitates patient care, yet I tend to look at the computer more than the patient.
I can easily correspond with other doctors, but I risk inundating them with paper.
My staff likes it, perhaps because my payrole has increased, rather than decreased.
The ability to customize has me in awe, yet it is a pain in the ass to do it.
The organization is flawless, yet paper charts are effortless to thumb through.
Typed templates are great, yet handwriting gets to the essence of the encounter.
ICD-9codes are always in plain site, but I think in human-speak.
I marvel at aspects of the system, then curse it in the same breath.

Like a marriage, a very complex relationship indeed.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Capitol Dome

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Capitol Urinals

Don't have BPH here. There are only 2 of these.
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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Do you have to go Paris or the Islands or somewhere exotic to get away?
Of course not!
A weekend with your family in an inexpensive hotel in a nice locale within several hours drive is enough to re-charge and re-energize.
And as a busy, self-employed practitioner, this type of get-away won't hurt the practice either.
I'd rather do 10 of these mini-VKs than take 1 long but exotic trip.
Just me and perhaps just for now, but the truth.
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Nice day

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An evening out with the girls

Nice break from my EMR hassles, etc
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not bad daddy

My name inscribed in a plaque.
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Road trip with the girls.

My father daughter trip begins
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Make good use of your time

Using time wisely has become more important than ever.
EMRs help here, as they make the most out your precious minutes with a patient.
Tablet PCs can save time as well, since you can use them as both paper and computer.
Electronic faxing saves time by preventing printing problems and scanning issues.
Mobile devices allow me to blog while waisting valuable time at Costco.
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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Why now?

Why choose the EMR now? Well, why make any decision at any point in time?
Because I identified problems that needed solving.
Here were my problems:

Too much scanning.
Too difficult to send correspondence
Too many refill and rx issues
Too many documentation problems
Too many scheduling mishaps
Too many remote access disruptions
Too much effort with back-up
Too much paper
Too much effort
Too much work
Too much wasted time
Not enough reward

Yes, it was time.
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A new generation of bloggers

I have some competition now.
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Thursday, March 05, 2009


I currently employ 4 people, including myself.  I have 2 MA's and a part time biller.  All 4 of us make more than $600 per month.  My fifth employee is my EMR system.  It cost me $600 per month, +/- a few.

My fifth employee works 24/7 and never takes a sick day or personal day.

My fifth employee never forgets to do what I ask of it.

My fifth employee doe not make mistakes.

My fifth employee is very organized.

My fifth employee can write prescriptions.

My fifth employee can file labs efficiently. . .and retrieve them with equal efficiency.

My fifth employee can submit claims. . .at 2AM if I ask it to.

My fifth employee can generate letters to referring doctors. . .and deliver them. . .24/7.

My fifth employee is a great employee, my electric one.

Even at the hefty price tag I paid for it, my EMR when viewed as a fifth employee is cheap. . .very cheap.

Here's the thing: people expensive/robots cheap.

That is a good way tolook at an EMR investment.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Email back-up

I just had to do a massive re install of the OS on my Tablet PC. I do back up daily so I lost nothing, but I do have a warning regarding Outlook back-up. You need to take an extra step to insure that all emails are saved. I just hit the folders I want saved, hit ctrl A, save as a text file onto you back-up drive.
Then all emails are easily restorable as text files than can easily be read.

In back-up, it is the ability to restore that matters.
Good luck.
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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mobile Ideas

Sometimes, in fact often, I find myself in car with sleeping child. There, alone and in piece and quiet, I often come up with my best ideas. Many blog posts, many practice decisions, even iLabTQM, my new CLIA Compliance Solution, have been launched from my Honda, with sleeping child aback.
I always keep pen and paper handy for such occassions, though now I have a Blackberry, so when idea comes, I compose it into an email or MMS and blast it off.
Makes for a good use of time--my alone time.
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