Monday, October 29, 2007

The MRSA Panic: This time, it's real!

My wife and I were having a discussion this weekend about the MRSA scare. We are both physicians, so we tend not to panic over these things.

We are also parents, so we tend to panic over these things.

In addition, as physicians she and I have had patients who are panicked. She asked me how I deal with their questions. I answered that I like to put the scare into perspective. Here's how I view it.
  • Fall 2007 MRSA
  • Fall 2006 Bird Flu
  • Fall 2005 Influenza, with no available vaccine
  • Fall 2004 SARS
  • Fall 2003 Mad Cow
  • Fall 2002 Anthrax
So in other words, the media for some reason that I just can't seem to understand, likes to scare us, in a public service sort of way.

In my view, the most significant impact of the MRSA scare has been on the cost-per-click amount for the keyword phrase MRSA. 1 week ago, I could have had my google adword banner shown for 10 cents per click at the top of the page. Now I am priced out of the market. In 3 weeks, after the media moves on to the next story, the keyword price will return to its usual levels. But by that point, MRSA profits will have dried-up.

So here's my take. If you have lots of money tied up in an anti-MRSA counter-top spray and you can't cash-out, panic. Otherwise, you have little to fear from MRSA.


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