Monday, March 03, 2008

Going solo? Use all your resources

This morning I was busy. I had 5 follow-ups, 1 scrotal sonogram, 1 penile duplex scan, and 3 semen analyses. The patients that I saw generated 3 new prescriptions and 2 refills. In addition, an established patient of mine moved and requested that her chart be sent to her new urologist.
In other words, a lot of grunt work.
Fortunately, my inexperienced staff can do the lion's share of it because of training and technology.
  • My MA electronically queued all the prescriptions while I was doing the duplex scan. She made 2 mistakes, but the system will not allow her to actually send the prescriptions, so patient safety was never compromised. When I had a break, I pulled up the queue, made corrections, hit approve, and the prescriptions were sent to the pharmacies.
  • My MA with no andrology lab experience was able to do the semen analyses for me on my automated system. I was able to verify their accuracies by reviewing the image and motility files. Plus, she calibrates the instrument daily and performs quality control on known samples. All this while I was doing a scrotal sonogram.
  • My receptionist printed out the chart of the patient that was leaving us and placed it on my desk. I reviewed it to make sure that she printed out everything--which she did not--and then I signed it. She then scanned the signed copies back into the patient's chart into a sub-folder named "record releases", dated the entry, and then faxed the paper copies to the new doctor. All this while I saw the follow-up patients.
By 10:15 AM I was finished and on-time and all grunt work was done with accuracy and completeness. I then logged onto my blog, The Independent Urologist, and wrote the above.
Good morning!
The IU.