Saturday, April 26, 2008

Car trouble, eh?

Car trouble is popular excuse for tardiness. I've noticed, for many
employees that I've had the experience of working with over the years, car trouble happens with surprising frequency. I drive a car with 106,000 miles on it, twice that of any of my employee's cars, yet it gets me there just fine. My medical assistant was an ~hour late this morning. She told my office manager that she had car trouble. What am I to say, she does drive an old car, and who knows?

The funny thing about car trouble is that it seems to only happen on the way to work. Never once, in the 8 years since I have been in practice, or in the 18 years that I have been in the work force, has any employee ever had car trouble after work. Never once has an employee of mine been stuck in the parking lot after work. Nope; after work their cars seem to start right up, no matter the temperature, barometric pressure, humidity or aridness. When the whistle bell rings, the ignition works just fine. When the alarm clock goes off, well, that is another story.

Is there is something peculiar about cars in that they only break down unidirectionally; that is on the way to work?

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