Monday, July 07, 2008

A butcher without an advantage

My son is turning 1 and my wife and I are having party. Not anything fancy, mind you, just a barbecue by the pool with family. This weekend while driving on 25A in St James we noticed a new butcher that had opened next to our favorite pizza place. Looking for something unique for the party, we decided to stop in see what the butcher had.

He had what every local supermarket had to offer, hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken breast, ribs. Nothing different. Nothing unique.

How is this place supposed to survive?

What is his competitive advantage?

Perhaps if he had very high end cuts of meat that I could not get at the Stop & Shop. But he didn't.

Perhaps if he had unusual meats, like impala or a TurDucken, but he did not.

Perhaps if he specialized in free range, organic, or local only animals. But he does not.

How does he plan to compete? Beats me.

Maybe he should get a competitive edge.