Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My respite.

In case you have not noticed, I've been inactive for the past few weeks on the blog. Lots have been going on, good stuff, just lots-o-it.

I am in the midst of an EMR conversion and this eats up an enormous amount of time and energy.

I have been very busy in the office, knock on wood.

Insurance companies, in general, seemed to have slowed down their disbursements to me. From comments on various list-serves, this seems to be a national trend. BASTARDS! But working claims has become a team approach.

I have developed software that automates and facilitates the quality assurance and CLIA compliance processes in my lab. Since it has worked so well in my office, I have decided to turn it into a business. Beta-testing will start soon for interested practices. Very time consuming indeed, and exciting. Here is the link:

I'll start posting again a bit more frequently soon.

Again, sorry for the respite.