Saturday, August 22, 2009

Who's your role model?

I was watching tv the other day, flicking through the channels. I came across Bill O'Reilly first and listened to him and Dennis Miller. Entertaining? A bit, Angry? Very. Inspiring? Not at all.
Then I flipped to C-Span and a speech by Muhummud Yunnis, the Nobel Peace Prize winner for microfinance. Microfinance is a great concept; lend a woman 100 dollars so she can start a business, grow it, and eventually take herself and her family out of poverty. His concept has taken 40 million people in Bangledesh out of poverty. Here in New York, his microfinance program, which is not welfare, has allowed thousands in Jackson Heights Queens to ascend out of poverty.
Muhummud Yunnis: truly inspiring.
Who inspires you?

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