Thursday, December 24, 2009

Using an EMR to Solve Problems

If someone came to you with a solution to 3 out of the 5 biggest problems you face, you would probably take it--or at least listen to their proposal, right?

Imagine if someone said to you, "you know that persistent problem you have with your filing system, I found the perfect solution and you'll never have to deal with that again."  I don't know, I'd be all ears.

Every doctor has problems.  Filing and retrieving, lab tracking, order tracking, prescription refills, handwriting issues, messaging handling; these just name a few.   I certainly had my issues.  Many of them are now past tense issues.

Prescription issues:  99% solved.  On rare occasion I forget to initial a narcotic script or my rx printer malfunctions.

Message handling:  100% solved.

Handwriting issues: bye bye!

Filing/retrieving:  see ya.

Lab tracking: 90% better.  I am still learning my EMR's functionality.

I still have problems, but just not these problems.

A good thing.