Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still Kicking

After a long break from blogging, I think I have found my voice again. Why is that? Well I think that I am inspired by hardship, difficulty, and challenge. Being in solo practice in 2011 in the USA, I have all 3 of those things in abundance.

Currently, I am confronting:

high rent
high insurance
high payroll
high technology costs
low reimbursement
Many doctors have either joined forces and formed large single or multi-specialty groups or have given up their independent practices to be part of a hospital setting.

I remain solo.
I remain independent.

For me and my situation, no white horse is coming.
I am on my own.

What I do have on my side is:
very effective system of new patient acquisition
a great reputation in the community
a solid existing patient base
a very efficient E.H.R. system
a good office and dedicated staff
a devoted and loyal wife and family
incredible drive to succeed
What is the long term outlook for us "so-low" doctors? Don't know.