Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Facebook Advertising Experience

My Experience with Facebook Advertising

There used to be a bakery on Armitage Ave in Chicago that gave at free samples of bread.  The bread was amazing.  The bakery was in a great location and had tons of foot traffic.  The store was mobbed from opening to closing.   Ultimately the bakery closed.  Why?  I don’t know specifically but I suspect that people came to the store for the free bread but then never went on to buy a loaf.   In web parlance, the store got tons of clicks but few sales: few conversions. 

This is somewhat like my experience as a Facebook advertiser. 

II used to advertise on Facebook and may again someday but as for now, at least for what I do, I see their advertising model as flawed.  All in all, I spent a couple grand in total.  That was spread out over a number of campaigns beginning in 2010 and most recently in early 2012.   Website analytics indicated that Facebook was the number one referral source to my websites, and   I tried both pay-per click and pay-per impression and both were effective in driving traffic to my sites.   In fact, Facebook was more effective than Google in driving traffic to the site.  So sounds good, right?   Facebook would claim success and blame any failures on my website.  Perhaps they are right perhaps not. 

Let’s go a bit deeper.    Business owners care about sales.  While traffic may lead to sales, traffic in and of itself, does not help.  While both Google and Facebook will drive traffic to your website, in in effect you business, Facebook sends lurkers and window shoppers while Google sends determined customers.  My websites are fine, as evidenced by conversions of traffic to actually physical patients coming into the office.    

Big difference.