Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in review for the IU

It was a great year professionally.  My practice grew substantially. 

I added over 1000 new patients.  
I did almost 300 vasectomies. 
I upgraded my office procedure room substantially. 
I invested in a high quality, high optics OR microscope.  
I started a microsurgical training lab. 
I did 10 vasectomy reversal surgeries in the office.  
I was elevated to the board of directors of my IPA
I upgraded my andrology lab.   
I enhanced my offices electronic infrastructure. 
I streamlined check in, check out, and billing processes.  
I successfully enhanced my office to be compliant under Omnibus HIPAA. 

And more.  All in all a good year.  Personally I mourned the loss of my father but thanks to my family and friends, I got though it.  
Here's to 2014. 
The IU