Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Remaining Solo: 5 Strategies

1: Go micro: go super small.  One doc.  One staff or no staff.   EHR, patient portal, no phones.  No insurance.   Good option for family doc. 

2: Go concierge: charge extra fees.  No insurance.  Good option for family doc

3: Go super special: cosmetic, anti aging, infertility.  Easier said that done. Good for plastic surgeon and derm.

4: Go non par: take no insurance.  Bill at crazy out of network rates.   Good for neurosurgery, Ortho, general surgery

5: Go stupid busy: how the rest of us do it. Take everything.  See everything.  Work everyday, everywhere.   Not sustainable. 

For option 5: rethink contracts.  Get in with IPA. 

Any other options? PM me.