Thursday, January 09, 2020

Staying busy while on locum tenens call

Waiting to get called into the hospital is no way to go through locum call.  Depending on how busy your facility's call typically gets, try these activities to stay engaged, occupied, and happy.

  • Explore: most places have something of historic interest or local charm.  Get out of the hotel and take pictures, share them on Instagram.
  • Go for a walk: just make sure you have phone service and can get back to your car in a reasonable time.
  • Binge on a Netflix or HULU, etc series.  This is good for the evenings.
  • Write: start a blog or add to your existing blog.  Better yet, write a book.
  • Research: I write a lot academically and as part of a book project on which I am working.  I save the lion share of my research work for my locum weekends
  • CME: I do at least 50 to 100 hours per year and the majority of it I tend to do on locum call.
  • Work out: most hotels have gyms and with apps like Peloton Digital and others, one can have a personal trainer-type experience very economically.  Exercise also deceases stress, which can happen when on call.
  • Go to a pet store.  Playing with dogs is always a good way relieve stress and have fun.
  • Meditate: Peloton Digital and other apps have terrific meditation leaders.  I almost exclusively do this while on locum call.
  • Take a bath: seriously.  Soak in a tub.  Just soak.  Is so luxuriant.  And I never do it while at home.  Some hotels have hot tubs.  That is nice option too.
  • Take a swim: If your hotel has a pool, I suggest using it.  Get goggles.  
  • Read a book for fun. The trashier the book, the better, IMHO.
  • Do nothing.  Seriously.  Do nothing at all.  How often to you get the do that.  The Italians have a saying for this, Dolce far Niente, the sweetness of doing nothing.  
Good luck.
The IU.