Sunday, June 03, 2007

Minimize phone lines-Maximize phone power.

The phones are your practices life's blood. You must keep the phone lines open for callers, yet your staff must be on the phones for a variety of important reasons, such as to confirm patient appointments or call insurance companies regarding claims. Thanks to VOIP and PC calling, you can have relatively few expensive phone lines, such as from Verizon or ATT, etc, but have a several PC phones on every computer. I use a service called SKYPE. SKYPE used to be free--100% free--but due to its popularity, it began to charge a whopping $29 per year--YEAR!!!--for unlimited PC to phone calls anywhere in the USA and Canada. SKYPE to SKYPE, anywhere in the world, is still free, and will always be free. I use SKYPE in my office frequently and have it on each computer. My staff and I use SKYPE to make all outgoing calls to insurance companies and doctors offices, any place where you may be placed on hold for a long time.

Just a little pearl of wisdom from the IU to U.