Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The phone saga continues. . .

Seaspray asked me why I felt loyal to VONAGE. The answer is that I don't. But I do know that fixing one problem will create 5 others that need to be fixed before things begin to run smoothly again. This is exactly what has happened to me since last Friday, when I changed phone service providers.

  • My dedicated fax line is no longer working.

  • My credit card processor is no longer able to connect and we can't use it.

  • The data line in my office is on the fritz--it intermittently goes out--making it impossible for me to connect to my server from my workstation.

  • Today, lines one and two on my Optimum voice phone are dead.

  • My remaining VONAGE lines, 326-6035 and the other in the hunt sequence, are the only working phone lines, though calls still drop.
  • My cell phone, thankfully, still works.

As I have said before, phone systems are like urethras. If they cause you pain, you got a problem.

Thanks for listening.

The IU.