Thursday, May 22, 2008


When it comes time to pick an office, size matters. An office that is too large can be problematic for obvious reasons, namely that you will be paying for square footage and utilities that you don't need. Conversely, when the office is too small, the working environment can become cramped and unpleasant, and, even worse, you may not be able to maximize revenue producing business because you simply lack the room. However, all things considered, when it comes to office space I feel that smaller is better.

Here are some advantages that small offices have over large ones.
  • No need for expensive intercom systems
  • No need for dumb-waiters or tube transport systems
  • Easier inventory control
  • Lower rent
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower utility bills
Let me explain some more. I can overhear every conversation in the office when my office door is open. This comes in handy when situations arise between staff and staff and staff and patients. If I need something from my MA, I can intercom her, but I typically revert to a more vocal paging method.
During a patient encounter in an exam room, everything that I could possibly need is within my arm's reach. Last year, my electric costs were ~$50 per month. Now, thanks to our current energy predicament, I pay $150 per month. If I had a 3000 square foot office, I'd probably pay double or triple. I don't have storage room for much, so I order supplies "on-demand." Whether that saves money or not, who knows. But it works for DELL. My office can be cleaned by my staff in 20-30 minutes. This is important for 2 reasons: costs me less and makes my office more secure.

See, small is better, at least for office space and now automobiles. Prerequisite: EMR.

Good luck.

The IU.