Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Selection Criteria for an EMR-PM Purchase

I suppose that these criteria--the ones that I used--are as good as any out there.
  1. Listen over a 2 year period to see what others are using and what their experiences have been.
  2. Check the KLAS reports.
  3. Check the CCHIT lists
  4. Check the state medical society lists.
  5. Define your own needs.
  6. Call the top 10 vendors and see who answers the phone.  If they don't even answer for a sales call or get back to you promptly, you can forget about customer service and support.
  7. Set up appointments to demo the systems.
  8. Get references.
  9. Contact the references and ask what they don't like about the systems.
  10. Pull the trigger and make the purchase or continue the search.
And then layout the big bucks!

Good luck.