Monday, April 23, 2012

The procedure video do's and don'ts

With extremely low production costs, almost anyone can make and distribute a video for both educational and promotional reasons.  While a very powerful tool, the video can also cause more harm to your practice them help it.  Here is what to avoid:

  • don't be too graphic.
  • don't be too long
  • don't show too much blood
  • don't show injections or needles
  • don't show incisions
  • don't show a sloppy work station
Do the following:
  • edit
  • use good sound quality
  • use voice over
  • use captions
  • use transitions
  • good lighting
  • ask a lay person to review it
How to make it:
  • iPhone
  • iMovie
  • iTunes
  • iPhoto
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