Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Day 3 AT

Too bad I only post at night, when I am cold and tired.  Today was nothing short of spectacular.  The day began with a hike to the top of Bald Mountain where we had amazing views.
There was even a couple that braved the winds to camp on the peak.   
Then we descended a couple thousand feet through forest of several varieties. 

Ultimately we hit Sam's Gap, which bisects I 26.   I saw a cab.  I can't say I was not tempted to haiil it and head to Asheville, given my exhaustion and the change in weather for the worse.   

Now it is raining lightly but we have a nice fire.  
Tomorrow we do a 14.7 miler.  I am nervous but have been assured it is not too hard.   Yeh right.  The remaining 2.5 miles to tonight's area was very tough.   Of course, it was up hill for ~1000 feet.   

On balance, has been great.   As we stand here this minute, I'd like to be home.  Miss my family.   Oh well.  Tuesday it is.