Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hiking the AT

Left today for my 50 mile AT trek.  As I lay here tonight in my tent, wide awake, I reflect on the day.   
My partners and I left the hotel at 8 or so to drop off one of the cars at the end point, a trekker hostle in TN.  
Then we returned to the start point to begin the hike, which started at 12:06 pm.   We were joined by 3 others, Jeff, Elena (husband and wife) and John, age 75, and the most experienced of us all.  

The hike began with a 1500 or so foot scent up to the ridge line.  Some of the views were amazing, see below:
but most of the day was spent in thick forest.  

We got to the campsite, the No Business Shelter, at about 4pm.  We had to locate water.  The stream was 0.3 miles away.  

Not so easy but I had the right equipment to get the job done.  

Through the rest of daylight, more hikers passed through and set up shop.  Everyone has been quite nice and an interesting mix: professionals, ex-military, a retired Reverend, a finance guy etc.  

This is bear country so we had to take precautions to protect ourselves and our food.  All food gets hung in the air far from the camp.  

I am sleeping in a tent.  I am warm and comfy.   Unfortunately, the ground here is slanted so I am having difficulty sleeping. Oh well.  Could be worse.   

Tomorrow we do 10 miles to Big Bald Shelter.  Should be fun. 

Am I glad I went: not so sure yet.   Will let you know.