Monday, March 05, 2007

Back from vacation

I'm back from vacation with the family. I did a lot of thinking. I spent time with the girls and the wife. It was good. I took some time off from my practice and from the independent urologist. Though not completely.
Admitting that it may sound pathetic, I was not completely away from my practice. Thanks to technology, I was able to stay as connected as I needed to be and wanted to be. Here are some examples.

1: I booked 4 new patients that called the office between 5-7PM. Their calls forwarded to my cell phone and I made the appointments.

2: I spoke to an urgent care doc--one of my best referring docs--who wanted to run a case by me. He called my office at 6:30PM, and was forwarded to my cell phone, seamlessly. I was happy to help him.

3: I accessed my network by VPN from the hotel, checked messages and labs. On my own time and volition, not someone else's!

If this sounds pathetic to you, you are thinking like an employee, not an owner. It made and makes complete sense to me.
Thanks for listening.