Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm vexed. Terribly vexed!

I know I have been blogging in a somewhat schizophrenic way about Vonage, my VOIP phone provider. I guess it is a love-hate relationship. When it works smoothly, I love it. Otherwise, I hate it.

I suppose that a phone service provider ought to be like a urethra: if you have to think about yours, you have a problem.

It seems that in the past 4-5 weeks I have had 4 different problems with the service, all of which were quickly rectified by the company. Most recently, today, for a 2 hour period I was unable to receive any calls. Callers got either a beeping tone or a greeting saying that all circuits were busy. Ultimately we were able to see a log of who called and we called them back. One of the callers was a new patient who wanted a vasectomy reversal. Though a stressful 2 hours that involved language that my kids will never use, we eventually retrieved all calls and messages and every thing worked out.

My questions for the world wide practice manager:
  1. Do I leave VONAGE?
  2. Can I port my VONAGE phone number? (Only answer this is you actually know the answer for fact!!!)


The IU.