Friday, March 09, 2007

I have a project that I want your help with.

Here is the problem:

I have 3 forms forms that patients must read and sign: The HIPAA compliance form, the e-mail usage consent form, and the Patient Information Form. I need the patients to sign all 3 forms, and to complete the patient demographic form with things like name, address, phone number, insurance info, etc. These forms comprise a total of 4 pages, which is 4 too many.

Here is what I want:

I want to have the signature on file and to have the information from the demographic form automatically placed into unique, searchable fields within a database, only I don't want to design the database. In addition, any software or hardware I use must be inexpensive and mass produced. I am open to purchasing a Tablet PC, if no other ideas are better.

I am turning to the collective power of the entire internet community to help me.

Please email any responses directly to me at or via posted reply at this blog. If you can't help, please forward a link to this site to anyone who may be able to help.

This is a grand experiment. I believe it may be the first of it's kind. We'll call it the World Wide Practice Manager.


The Independnent Urologist.