Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Great Customer Service!

I just experienced an absolutely marvelous customer service encounter that I had to share with you. It happened at my local CVS pharmacy, on Terry Road in Smithtown NY. It was a marvelous experience--in its absolute ridiculousness. Here is how it went.

I was # 2 in line behind a woman who was trying to pay the cashier, an 18 year old or so woman, with 20 dollar bill. The cashier took the bill, and then began to speak on the phone.

"I'd like to order a soft shell taco, extra spicy" she said.

"That's right, soft shell."

"What, no no no, spicy."

"My address, I'm at the CVS on Terry."

"No, Terry."

"What's my car?"

"You'll notice it. I have the green car."

"No that's a soft shell taco."


And then to the woman ahead of me, "That will be $18.50."

"Well, you have my 20."

"OK, have a nice day," and she handed the woman her change.

Unbelievable! And it does get even better. The manager was standing next to her watching, and otherwise doing nothing. A third worker, in a short white coat in the camera area, was nearby, doing something unrelated to customer care. He glanced over then turned his back to us. During the interchange 2 additional people came in line after me. I have seen poor customer service, but never quite like this. I really did not know what to make of it, accept that if my receptionist kept a patient waiting in this fashion, she would lose her job.

And what were the other 2 workers doing? The manager and the man in the short white coat near the film area. Were their fingers and mouths broken? They couldn't help out? It would have been easy to do and prevented me from posting this blog. When my receptionist is busy, someone else, including me, jumps in to assist the patient who is waiting.

Again, a marvelous experience. If you have your own business, don't do it this way.

The IU.