Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well, here comes the summer. For most people that means a nice time to kick-back, slow down, and enjoy the weather. For me, it means "summer hours." Unlike many businesses, however, I actually expand my hours in the summer--or at least adjust them--so I can help provide transportation to my daughters' day camps. In the summer, I start my days at ~7AM, take a mid-day break, and start up again in the late afternoon.

My 2 current employees, who have been with me from the beginning, cannot work that early or that late. So I have to hire an additional person. Always a joy! Here's how it went.

I posted a job ad on Craig's List for general office worker, and described the position, the location of the job, the pay, and the essential skills needed. Within 20 minutes of posting the ad, I had ~100 responses, which became 200 by the time I was able to read any of them. Of the 200 respondents, I was able to knock off 180 because they simply lived too far away or lacked transportation. One person said he was from Saratoga, which happens to be 9 hours by car from Smithtown. Maybe he has a plane. Others were from Brooklyn and lacked private transportation. Smithtown is suburban and we really don't have adequate public transportation. Brooklyn by car can take 1 1/2 hours. By public transport; 4 hours.

Twenty applicants were local and thus possible contenders. 4-5 did not attach or post resumes, so I excluded them immediately. One applicant used a computer program to publish her resume that I did not have and I was unable to open the attachment. I suppose I could have purchased the software that she used, but instead I axed her. That left 13 0r 14 resumes to review. Several people had obnoxious or annoying email names, like lovekitten69 or anglestar, so I axed them. I did not want my wife to know that I hired lovekitten69. One person's email address was--I kid you not--2good4U. I thought that was a bit presumptuous, so, by-by.

That left approximately 10 people to call. The phone is an amazing device. Not only is it the life's blood of any business, it is the best, safest, and easiest facilitator of first impressions. So I like to call the applicants personally; get a feel for their "phone voice" and personalties, etc. For 1 or 2 people, I was sent to voicemail. OK, not great, but OK. 1 person had an annoying song on their voicemail greeting. NEXT. I left a message on the other person's and they called back promptly. She seemed OK and had a nice voice and demeanor. I asked her some preliminary questions, she answered them well and I asked her to come in for an interview. Ultimately I called 8 people and brought in 6.

One candidate had 6 jobs in 18 months. Sorry, I won't be number 7.

One candidate was really intense and was, I'm sorry to say, too qualified. There would have
been no way I could have kept her happy, financially, and retained her. Sorry. Good luck.

One candidate said she could only work 2 days a week, after 1PM. Hey, whose hiring who?

One candidate said she could work any hours for the pay I was providing and was flexible in terms of number of hours per week. Not bad. She made round 3.

One candidate said she was flexible with hours but upon further questioning, she would need the schedule a month in advance, because her other job "at the hospital" took precedent.

One candidate could work the hours for the pay and was flexible with the schedule, and spoke Spanish to boot. Therefore, on to round 3.

So I am now in round 3, and round 3 is a secret. But I will say to all the candidates who applied for work in Dr Schoor's office, thanks for applying. Just, in the future, try not to stand out in such a negative way. Especially U, 2good.


The IU.