Monday, May 07, 2007

Need new patients? Beat their expectations.

When you first go solo, obviously, you do not have an established practice to build upon. This takes time. However, whenever this happens, you can use your existing patients to build your reputation and, hence, your new patient business by providing stellar, beat-their-expectations-service. Here are some tips.

  • Call back when you said you would

  • Run on time

  • Call when they don't expect you it

  • Open "special" hours, just for them

  • Book a referral, such as for a CT scan, for them

  • If they are having a problem, squeeze them in today or tomorrow, no matter what

  • Have copies of articles you authored and awards in the waiting room

  • Keep a copy of of CME certificates in a nicely bound book in the waiting room

Good luck and enjoy the growth.

The IU.