Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Paradox of EMR

I love my EMR. . .and I hate it.
With my EMR, my efficiency has improved, yet I have difficulty staying on time.
My biller can easily submit claims, yet I think the system under-codes me.
My notes have amazing detail, yet it is mostly non-pertinent stuff.
I think it facilitates patient care, yet I tend to look at the computer more than the patient.
I can easily correspond with other doctors, but I risk inundating them with paper.
My staff likes it, perhaps because my payrole has increased, rather than decreased.
The ability to customize has me in awe, yet it is a pain in the ass to do it.
The organization is flawless, yet paper charts are effortless to thumb through.
Typed templates are great, yet handwriting gets to the essence of the encounter.
ICD-9codes are always in plain site, but I think in human-speak.
I marvel at aspects of the system, then curse it in the same breath.

Like a marriage, a very complex relationship indeed.

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