Sunday, October 04, 2009

Are meetings worthwhile?

As reimbursements continue to decline for many of us and we are forced to remain in the office longer and longer to make up the lost income, our attendance in meetings has taken a back seat in importance. This is a shame and you may wish to re-think this cost-cutting strategy.

Meetings are very, very important. You'd be better off cutting out some othe expense.

Meetings allow attendees to re-charge their batteries and return to the office energized and more productive than ever. Only through meeting with colleagues face to face can doctors forge new relationships that are important for networking and business development. While we may be able to learn new techniques and advances in our field through online CME courses, we learn best in person where the dialogue is 2 way and we have access to non-verbal communication.

Meetings are not cheap. Flights, hotel, registration, and time away add up to thoudands of dollars. However, if you choose your meeting wisely, increased revenue will offet the costs many times over. All it takes is learning one new CPT code or one new modifier or a new profitable procedure and you will payed back in triplicate, at least.

I just think this is not an option for cost cutting.