Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wow, you can bill Medicare for waiting room magazines

From 2 posts on a listserve to which I subscribe:

" There are codes for magazine loss/replacement:
CPT: 9999a- replacement of magazine, identical issue
9999b- replacement of magazine, similar topic matter
J codes: 80% of magazine cost"

Also, since the governement is so interested in our education, here are some other codes you can use:

"Recent governmental efforts to encourage literacy among the poplus has lead to CMS's request for physician offices to voluntarily report, via PQRI, on appropriate utilization of magazines and reception area reading materials. Qualifying providers will be eligible for a 2% bonus of their annual CMS billings. These G-codes for PQRI measure 9999 are: G9990 - Educationally meaningful magazine provided at reception area G9991 - No educationally meaningful magazines provided at reception area G9992 - Some or all educationally meaningful magazines made available were lost due to theft or damage Eligible providers must successfully report on at least 80% of pts on Medicare seen in 2009 to qualify. The exact definition of educationally meaningful is still being debated, and won't be released until early December 2009."

I believe that most of this information came out on April 1st. I am not sure I recommended trying these codes just yet.

Hat tip to and Dr Ernie Sussman, famed urologist in Las Vegas. Hope you enjoyed.