Sunday, September 27, 2009


Doctors are resistant to upgrading technology. Most claim cost as the main obstacle to adoption of E.H.R technology. For others, overcoming inertia and resistance to change prevents them from committing to advanced information technology.
I say get with the program.

The technology is here.
It is good.
It is affordable.
Patients will demand it.
Payers will demand it.

I have several supermarkets near my house. One is less than a mile, but I shop at one 3 times the distance. This market has adopted technology that makes my life easier. In turn, I choose to spend my food dollar here. The image you see is of a scanner. I use the scanner to scan the bar codes of my food purchases. The scanner is tied to my card. After I am finished shopping, I simply hand the scanner back the clerk, my credit card is charges, and I am on my way.
I demand technology.
So will your patients.
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