Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dwindling Down My Paper Usage

I am down to two!  Pieces of paper that is.  Everything else is the glorious e.

Patient records--electronic

Radiology reports--electronic only

Lab reports--electronic only

Patient intake & demographic form--electronic (actually, I don't even have one.  I got rid of it.)

HIPAA acknowledgement form--electronic, signature and all!


Patient statements--electronic.  They are actually mailed on paper, just not be me or my staff.

ABN (Assigment of benefits) consent form--you guessed it, electronic.

That is it.

So what is still paper?

We still send claims for secondary insurance by paper.

My biller insists on continuing to use paper encounter forms.  Alright.  If it ain't broke. . .

Dr Schoor