Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The End of an Era

I disconnected the last of my remaining VONAGE lines today, the phone that sat in my house and served as an office line, just one that happended to be in my house.

It feels a bit sad, nostalgic almost.  While VONAGE was the source of much of my telecom pain in the early and not-so-early days of my fledgling urology practice, it was VONAGE's then avant-guard service that enabled me to grow in those first critical months cheaply and mobily.

In many ways, it was VONAGE that put me on the map.  And for that, I thank them.

Ultimately, I outgrow its capabilities, however.

For the past few months, as I have been looking to cut cost whereever possible, VONAGE was always near the chopping block, but the off-site line still served a function, even though improvements in cell phone reliablity  at my house enabled me to make and receive calls from almost any room in my house.

Still, I held a special place in my heart for this little phone company that could, silly as it seems.

Then my VONAGE router died--just went kerplunk--and that was the catalyst.

Several minutes ago, I called and canceled my service.

Fairwell old friend.

Dr Schoor