Friday, November 17, 2006

Going Solo? 5 steps to success

1: Set short and long term goals.
The start-up process ia an enormous undertaking. Defining your goals, both long and short term, will aide you tremendously.
2: Make expense projections.
Make a list of all of your expenses, such as supplies, rent, insurance, phone etc, and project your costs throughout the year. This will help you prioritize expenses and differential essential from non-essential ones.
3: Start your operational manual.
This well help you conceptualize and plan your practice and iron out bugs before you start seeing patients and making mistakes.
4: Surround yourself with good people.
I don't necessarily mean employees. Your medical supply rep, a non-medical entrepreneur friend, your chiropractor friend, etc. These "good" people can help you see things in new ways, find novel solutions to problems, and find perspective.
5: Stay positive
Start-up, in contrast to an established practice, has pronounced ebb and flow. During down periods, work on your practice; write a paper, blog, send letters to referring docs. Stay positive. It will pay-off.