Friday, November 03, 2006

Good Fridays!

I like leaving the office Friday in a good mood. I'm leaving today in a good mood. Here is why.

I have the occassional propensity for self-pity. This afternoon I was lamenting to Janet that there is so much in male infertility that I am unable to treat. So many patients that I have to give unhappy news to. This afternoon, however, I saw a patient who was written by other infertility specialist, and almost written off by me. But he never had 1 test, the prostate sonogram, that would have completed his evaluation. I did the sonogram, which showed dilation of his seminal vesicles, consistent with ejaculatory duct obstruction. He otherwise looked clinically like testicular failure. I could not believe my eyes and even counseled him that success with TURED was a long shot. He and his wife had faith and adamantly wanted to proceed.

You know what. It worked! His sperm count is now 20 million, and they are motile. Lets hope she gets pregnant now naturally.

I'm happy.