Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh, Hello Doctor!

I love patients who introduce themselves as Dr. ___. I believe one can gain insight regarding what kind of patient they are going to be by asking them what type of doctor they are.

  • Chiropracters: They uniformly introduce themselves as Dr____. In addition, they are most likely to ask for professional courtesy and to have their co-pays waived. (see copay)
  • Dentists: Almost always introduce themselves as Dr and are most likely to "Know from dental school" as much as you do about their problem, especially the older ones.
  • PhD's: Always, always, always introduce themselves as Dr. ___. I don't mind this, because they are usually much smarter than I am and aside for PhDs in one of the sciences (see dentist and older physician), they are pretty easy going patients.
  • Psychologists: Approximately 50% of the time will introduce themselves as Dr. ___. Otherwise, they typically make for very pleasant patients.
  • Medical doctors: Only about 1/3rd will introduce themselves as Dr. ___, and, like the older dentist, the older physician oftens "knows" all about their problem.