Sunday, April 15, 2007

Need new patients? Go with a post-it.

You know what a post-it is right? You know; those ubiquitous yellow pads that everyone uses to jot down what ever needs jotting.
I had some made with my practice name, logo, and phone number printed on them. Cost me $40 for 20 pads, each with 50 sheets, and I gave them out to doctors’ offices whose business I was courting.
No fan-fare; just dropped’em off with a business card, a Babka, and a thank you.
The goal: keep me in mind.
Does it work? Sure.
The pharma reps do this type of stuff, and they have companies that pay millions to marketing firms that tell them to leave behind post-it notes and pens.
Cheap and easy.
The IU.