Thursday, September 06, 2007

Forms the Easy Way

Scheduling surgeries at the hospital has become somewhat painful due to none other than hand writing issues. I have decent handwriting, and I print so as to make it that much more legible. Still, every 3rd or 4th OR scheduling form ultimately bounces back to us for clarification or re-do based, no doubt, on legibility. I suggested that the hospital make the booking forms available on-line, and they said "great idea", but nothing happened. Here's how I do it now:
  • OmniPage 5.1 ($89.00, Staples)
  • Forms are scanned in and then converted to digitally amendable forms on my computer
  • We configured the forms so that my information is stored and automatically entered into the form without the need for duplication of data entry.
  • My staff enters the patient demographic data and insurance information
  • I enter the diagnosis and code (if I know the code off hand) and the procedures and CPT codes (if I know them off hand).
  • The form is saved in the "OR scheduling directory" and the patients chart
  • We then "print to efax" and the form is faxed directly from desktop to OR scheduling office

We just began doing it and the increase in efficiency is readily apparent. Plus, I enjoy home grown solutions, though hat tip to Sunrise Urology for the OmniPage tip.


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