Thursday, September 13, 2007

Four Sure-Fire Methods to Go out of Network

Every physicians' dream is to go out of network and really "stick it" to the insurers. Just follow these 4 steps, and you too can do it.
  1. Become a regional, national, or better yet, international name in your specialty. Have patients travel from far and wide to see you. It'll help if you write a book that becomes an international best-seller and in the process, you become Oprah's friend and confidante. Alternatively, you can invent a truly life saving or life- improving medical device. Either way, this'll get you there.
  2. Change to a specialty that sees predominantly emergencies and relocate your practice to a hospital that sees only well insured, non-medicare patients, then gouge the hell out of the patient's insurance policies. Also, hope that state legislators continue to turn a blind eye to this consumer-unfriendly practice.
  3. Become an out-of-network anesthesiologist and price gouge off the backs of your hard working in-network surgeons and hospitals.
  4. Join a top-tiered academic medical center, then rise through the ranks of your department until you are a huge national or international name. Also, see method #1.

See, it's easy.

The IU.