Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why I recommend a VPN

I have exactly 5 seconds to publish to the blog, so I am going to be brief. VPN's--virtual privacy networks--are among the best features of the modern computing age. Here are some reasons why you may wish to invest in one for your office.
  • Ability to check labs and study reports from home or away
  • Ability to catch up on charting from home or away
  • Ability to access schedule from home or away
  • Ability to put drug-seekers in their proper place
  • Ability to access charts when not in the office
  • Ability to always seem omniscient
  • Ability to grow faster by "booking" patients that call during "off" hours
  • Ability to submit claims remotely
  • Ability to have multiple offices with one central chart storage system
  • Ability to stay connected yet have a life at the same time

And others. At the risk of stealing from MasterCard's add campaign:

  • 8 port VPN router $200
  • Computer guy to set you up with VPN ~ $500
  • Checking labs while giving your newborn a midnight bottle Priceless!

Get a VPN. You'll like it!

Thanks for listening,

The IU.