Monday, September 17, 2007

A View From My Window

I have a corner office, 2nd floor, that has a commanding view of my parking lot and road that leads up to it. I often use the window onto the lot as a sort of extension of my physical examination. Here are some things about patients that I have seen and learned from my window view.
  • Angry: On several occasions I have seen patients of mine honk, yell, or gesture angrily at other drivers in the lot. These people are uniformly lambs in my office, but this tells me that they are not very nice people at their cores.
  • Unethical: Once in a while, people park in the handicapped spots, yet are not physically handicapped. I know this because I take their histories. What they don't know is that I witnessed them committing these acts. Again, these people are always nice to me, but dishonesty is dishonesty, and their actions point towards their ethics.
  • Aggressive: Long Island has no shortage of aggressive drivers. So does my parking lot. Aggressive drivers cause many problems for society in general and basically these people think that they own the roads.
  • Selfish: Taking up 2 spots: People do this for 2 reasons: they have a nice car or they don't care about others. Either way, I think it suggests that they are either selfish or vain.
  • Inattentive: I can tell this when I see patients leave my office, go to their cars, then pull out of their space without looking, while simultaneously smoking a cigarette on the cell phone. Multitasking has it's place, but not while driving. It also suggests to me that I may want to have another informed consent discussion with the patients.

Maybe I'm overreaching, but I think that private behaviors go towards personality types in general. I just feel like I know these people better by witnessing an admittedly small sample of their driving.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

The IU.