Monday, December 01, 2008

December Goals

Thanksgiving is over and December is upon us.  December can be a slow month.  Do you have plans to turn it around?  Here are things you can try.
  1. Send a mailing to all your existing patients, either as a holiday card or a flyer.
  2. Make a newsletter and send that to your existing patients and referring docs.
  3. Update your website.
  4. Blog and then blog some more.
  5. Review your online marketing campaigns.
  6. Send "thank you baskets", etc, to your good referrers.
  7. Invite your best referrers to dinner.
  8. Send something useful to your referring docs, like an article or hyperlink.
  9. Keep your phones on and manned.
  10. Open extended hours.
Good luck and have a good December.

The IU.