Friday, December 12, 2008

Size Does Matter: Go Small

Everyone wants a large office.  I think that is an ego thing.  For me, I'll take too small rather than too large anytime.  Larger offices, like larger houses, have costs that smaller spaces just don't have. 
  • Rent--most of us pay per square foot.  Obviously, the more square footage, the more you pay.
  • Cleaning--larger offices cost more to clean that smaller ones.
  • Heat--see cleaning
  • Cool--see cleaning and heat
  • Wallpaper--see above
  • Carpet--see above
  • Clutter--more space = more clutter = decreased efficiency
The only exception to this rule is if the office does not have sufficient working space to maximize patient flow.

If in doubt, in my opinion, go smaller rather than larger.

Dr S