Monday, December 08, 2008

Going Solo? The Turnkey Medical Practice: 2.0 Style

I know I have written previously about how to start a practice from the embryo stage on up, but here it is again, parred down to its bare essentials:
  1. Get or develop a detailed business plan that will serve as a blueprint.
  2. Get a mentor or coach or other such trusted adviser.
  3. Get credentialed with insurances, hospitals, et al.
  4. Get professional liability insurance.
  5. Get a phone number.
  6. Get a web-presence.
  7. Get office-space; sublease, lease, or purchase depending on your unique situation.
  8. Get a good EMR-PM system.
  9. Get a payroll service (also does statutory insurances for small businesses).
  10. Get an employee.
That is the list. Easier said than done and each step has many and multiple sub-parts. Still, just 10 steps.

Good luck.

Dr S