Saturday, September 05, 2009

PQRI in 10 Steps

I finally figured it out, PQRI that is.  After several courses and months of procrastination because of PQRIs seeming complexity, I got it and am going to give it to you. . .free.

No strings attached.

Here it is:

  1. Pick your measures (you'll have to look them up or contact me)
  2. Right them down on a piece of paper as a cheat sheet or see step 3
  3. Enter them into your EMR templates as appropriate
  4. Tell staff to mark all encounters on pure Medicare (only) patients with a big red mark
  5. See patient as normal
  6. Circle or click on PQRI code on your encounter slip or your EMR
  7. Tell biller to insert those CPT codes on line 2 of the HICFA 1500 form
  8. Submit claim
  9. Let Medicare do the rest
  10. Or. . . you can outsource the whole process to a third party, approved vendor.
That is it.  Once you put the processes into place, simple.  And I just gave you the process.


The IU.