Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fighting Murphy: what are your checks and balances?

People can slip through the cracks easily.
  • Patients can walk out of the office with their encounter forms or charge slips.

  • The office staff can forget to give them a follow-up appointment.

  • Patients can call to cancel an appointment, intend to re-schedule, then forget to do so.

  • Patients can no-show.

  • Staff can forget to put the patient on the recall list.

  • Staff can put the wrong patient on the recall list.
  • The doctor can get forget to write the order for the test or the follow-up.
  • The doctor can forget to click on the order or the request for follow-up.
  • Handwriting can be illegible.
  • The computer can crash.
  • Murphy can and will show up.

In a doctor's office, this can be dangerous.

The only way to prevent Murphy from walking into your medical office is to have multiple and redundant checks and balances.

How do you do it?