Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Activist is Born

Liability rates in NY are rising dramatically. Many obstetricians in my own community, have already either given up OB or have left the state entirely. Who will deliver our children?

MLMIC, one of only 2 liability carriers in NY, paid $500 million dollars over a ten year period to defend claims that never resulted in a single payout to a plaintiff. The trial lawyers say that the defense bar is winning the war, but the cost of that war has been so high that the vitality of the entire health care system in NY State is in jeopardy. For the OB that delivered my Emma, legislative action that occurs in the next 6 months will determine whether or not he stays in business--and he is one of the good guys.

The trial lawyer lobby is strong, but ultimately they in are in-the-wrong. The citizens of NY need professionals that can provide obstetrical care, emergency cardiac and surgical care, and preventive medicine. I know personally several family practitioners in my community that subsidize their own practices with personal savings and debt just so that they may keep their doors open.

There is a misperception, perpetuated by the trial lawyer lobby, that there is no crisis looming; that the problem is the result of bad doctors, and that doctors and insurance companies are just greedy. This is simply not true. The overwhelming majority of doctors consistently do the right thing by way of their patients, and the days of the "country club life" for doctors has long since passed. From a financial perspective, most of us are simply trying to stay in business, provide for our families, and practice the professions that are our passions.

Help avert the impending crisis that WILL come in JULY 2008 unless legislative change happens immediately. Join us in Albany on March 4th for Legislative Day. Contact your local assemblyman and state Senator. Contact me, and I'll assist you in contacting your local reps.

Believe-you-me; when you or your child or your husband or wife or dad or mom is sick and in need of medical attention, you will turn first to your doctor and hospital, not to your trial attorney. You have the power to make sure that we are there for you.

Act now!

Thank you.

The IU.