Saturday, February 23, 2008

My automated semen analyzer

I recently invested in a new and somewhat expensive technology to automate my semen analysis process. The instrument, called the Sperm Class Analyzer or SCA System is a very sophisticated software program that links by computer and camera set-up to my microscope in my in-office, COLA accredited andrology lab. The SCA System adapts to my methodology of semen analysis and quality assurance and is really a very useful adjunct to my lab. Aside for basic features such as concentration and motility analysis, the software can also analyze sperm velocity, progressive motility, morphology by Kruger and WHO criteria, and sperm DNA integrity. In fact, these cumbersome and complex analyses have become so easy that I have been able to train my MA to do them.

From a technology perspective, the system fits in well with my general electronic office design. I can access the system remotely and review the saved analyses from home, generate a report, and digitally sign it, all from the comfort of my home. I can even do it from the road via my lap top. If I have a doubts as to the accuracy of any particular report, I can even re-run the analyses, since the digital images and motion analysis data are archived.
I can then convert my reports to PDF files with a keystroke and fax them electronically to referring doctors.

Automated semen analysis has some advantages over manual analysis. Perhaps the biggest advantage is reproducibility of results and decreased inter-observer variability. Accuracy is not compromised in anyway, since the instrument is calibrated daily and verified manually for accuracy by a trained andrologist, a guy by the name of Dr Richard Schoor MD.

Apparently, I am the only lab in NY to have the system, though several of the largest IVF groups in the nation have recently adopted the technology for their own usage.

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